backyard miracles
Miracles happen everyday... or so the saying goes. But is it true? The Bible says they took place, but what about in today's world? Do healings from God still occur? Are people delivered, needs met and sins forgiven?

The answer to these questions is a resounding yes! Even more encouraging is the fact that they are happening all around us - every day - to ordinary people.

The evidence of a loving and ever present God is compelling as seen throughout these personal testimonies, encompassing forgiveness and love, healing and deliverance, ministry and hearing from God, and of course, salvation. Their stories reveal that no one is outside the sphere of God's love and demonstrate His desire to be in an intimate relationship with us; each and every one of us.

Journey through this collection of true stories, written by twelve friends, each of whom have been individually touched by a separate miracle of God. Some miracles are seemingly small - some are life changing - all are unforgettable. And we will discover together that miracles really do happen every day - right in our own backyard.

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